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  • Vi välkomnar: Dominic Bowen

    Dominic Bowen
    Operations Manager, Travel Risk Management

    Hi Dominic! Warm welcome to our team. You are our first employee from Australia and we are excited to see how your background can enrich our business. What’s your professional background?
    Before joining the team at 2Secure, I was employed as a Humanitarian Advisor with Save the Children where I supported our programs around the world, most recently in Sudan, Lebanon, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia. Over the years, I have worked for several humanitarian organisations including Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders. I have lead teams in many countries including Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Indonesia, and Pakistan. I also bring crisis management and leadership experience from earlier work within various Australian Government Agencies.

    Why Travel Risk Mangement (TRM)?
    I am very excited about 2Secure’s mission, in particular the work with Travel Risk Management. I have always enjoyed working within teams to find ways to safely operate in austere and insecure environments, and now working with 2Secure’s partners to help ensure that employees, operations, and reputations are safe overseas – no matter what the country – is very appealing. The risk profile in every country is different, but every country, even in Europe, presents businesses and personnel new risks that must be considered.

    What do you look forward to working with 2Secure?
    I am eager to work with our partners to deliver substantial preparation to minimse risks overseas, as well as identifying robust preventative measure to ensure business continuity in all risk environments. I am looking forward to working with our partners to proactively minimise threats and ensure that our colleagues have all the necessary risk management components included in their standard operating procedures.

    What security trends have you noticed lately?
    The increasing tendency of employers to recognise their duty of care towards employees when they are traveling overseas – within Europe and further afield – has been pleasing. I believe the next phase of this security trend is when managers realise the cost savings in investing early in effective mitigation activities and robust business continuity process for their operations and personnel overseas. There are a lot of worrying security trends even in Europe including crime, health risks, political and societal instability, but the preventative and mitigation trends present a really positive alternative.









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