Update 02 March

2 mars, 2022

Russia has intensified bombardments on Ukrainian cities again. On 01 March, Russian airstrikes targeted the Kyiv TV tower, at least five citizens and wounding another five. Due to the attack, national television services were temporarily out of service across Ukraine. In Kyiv, the curfew is still ongoing between 4pm until 6am local time. A senior US defence official claimed that the Russian advance on Kyiv has slowed down due to food and fuel shortages, and resistance by Ukrainian forces. However, there are no reports suggesting on that Russia is considering a retreat. 

Reports indicate that Russian forces began advancing on Kherson International Airport (KHE) in southern Ukraine. According to Ukrainian authorities, 33 Belarussian military units have entered the Chernihiv region in northern Ukraine, but these claims were rejected by the Belarusian President. Ukrainian authorities has imposed a curfew in Chernihiv and Mykolaiv as of 02 March between 18.00-06.00, local time. 

Hostilities have also intensified in the Sumy region and Russian forces have reportedly occupied the Okhtyrka area. The Governor of Sumy Oblast stated that almost all power lines in the city are damaged. Ukrainian military officials also confirmed that Russian paratroopers landed in the city of Kharkiv and have started attacking a regional military hospital. The city has witnessed intensified Russian artillery attacks since 01 March. 

As the first round of talks between Russia and Ukraine was not successful enough to end the dispute, a second round of talks has been scheduled for 02 March near the Belarus-Ukraine border again. The cyber-war is also ongoing. The EU has announced plans to block the prominent news outlet Russia today from all platforms. The Russian Foreign Ministry has claimed that Russian embassies are under unprecedented cyber-attacks by Ukrainian groups. 

US President Joe Biden announced a ban on all Russian aircrafts operating over US airspace effective from today, following similar measures taken by Canada and EU countries. The US Federal Aviation Administration will outlaw operations of all aircrafts “owned, certified, operated, registered, chartered, leased, or controlled by, for, or for the benefit of a person who is a Russian citizen”. In addition, United Airlines stated that they had temporarily stopped all flights over Russian airspace followed by American Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Parcel Service (UPS). Two of the largest container shipping companies announced the temporary suspension of new cargo bookings to and from Russia until further notice; however, the companies will continue screening bookings for essential and humanitarian goods, including food and medical equipment. 

All of these developments are continually monitored by our international desk and are discussed with several of our clients on a daily basis. We continue to collect information from local contacts and open sources.

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