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  • Safety and security protection – training

    Learn the basics for safety and security protection in accordance with the interests and guidelines as required by security protection legislation. The course is primarily intended for security protection managers, either municipal or within other organisations. The training covers both the current applicable legislation and the reforms in the new proposed law.

    Security protection legislation: Who is it for and why?

    The aim of the security protection legislation includes the prevention of sensitive details being revealed, changed or destroyed. This protection includes everything from espionage, sabotage and other crimes, to protecting details covered by confidentiality agreements. The protection also aims at preventing any unreliable people (from a safety and security viewpoint) participating in business operations that are key to Sweden’s national security. There is currently consultation on a new proposal for changes to the security legislation. The new legislation includes a response to the amended requirements for security protection in respect of developing the field of IT, increased international cooperation, increased vulnerability in socially-important functions, as well as the fact that security-sensitive operations are increasingly conducted under private management.

    The security protection legislation applies to the following businesses:

    • National, municipality and county
    • Limited companies, partnerships, associations and foundations over which the state, municipality or county exercises judicial control, and
    • Individuals, if the business is of importance to national security or has particular need of protection against terrorism.

    2Secure’s training covers all the areas

    Following 2Secure’s training, the participants will have a sound knowledge of all sub-areas regulated by the legislation, such as safety and security protection, security protection contracts, information security, access restriction, security clearance, training and checks. One specific part of the course is the ‘safety analysis’ which requires documented results in accordance with the Swedish Security Protection Ordinance (Säkerhetsskyddsförordningen 1996:633).

    Examples of content:

    Threat landscapes – Laws and legislation – Säkerhetspolisen (Swedish Security Service)’s regulations and general advice on security protection – Security analysis – Information security and confidential documents – Safety/security testing – Access restriction – Threat landscapes confidential data in IT system – Information security for confidential data in IT system – Security-protected documents – Signalling protection – Training and checks – News of the proposed changes to security legislation.

    Our trainers have worked in security protection for a considerable amount of time and have practical experience from a variety of security protection management positions. The trainers have previously worked with the Swedish Security Service, Swedish Armed Forces and in trade & industry (linked to security protection procurement).

    Any questions? Want to know more?

    Or are you interested in taking a training course yourself? Contact Cay Petterson on tel. +46 (0)70 560 5556 or by email: cay.pettersson@2secure.se

    SEK 15,000 per person (excluding VAT). Includes study materials and lunch

    Future training sessions are planned for 9 – 11 March (Weds-Fri) 2016.

    Apply by contacting 2Secure: Tel: +46 (0)8 656 5000 Email: info@2secure.se

    Practical info and application terms

    We already have a number of application requests, so please send us your application as soon as possible. We will confirm your application by email. Your invitation to the course will be sent 1 1/2 to 2 weeks prior to the course start date. You must sort out your own accommodation in Stockholm. The course will be held in a central location. Payment terms: Prices are stated excluding VAT. We apply payment terms of 20 days net. Cancellation: Your application is binding. In the event of your cancellation later than 16 days prior to the course start date, the entire course fee will still be charged. This also applies to participants who do not attend the course without cancelling. There is no fee for the course if a doctor’s certificate can be provided. If you are prevented from attending, it is possible for someone else at your workplace to attend instead. We reserve the right to make any changes in terms of pricing, lecturers, course content and similar.