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  • Whistleblowing

    Whistleblowing provides opportunities to uncover irregularities early on. A “whistleblower” is a person who notices and reports serious irregularities in a company or organisation.

    An increasing number of businesses see the value of providing systems that allow wrongs to be reported. This facilitates irregularities being noted and remedied before becoming unmanageable. Whistleblowing therefore, is regarded as a tool with which to promote both trust and sustainability.

    2Secure provides a system for submitting information and details and investigating these as a professional recipient.

    Providing employees with the ability to report issues to an external party anonymously, increases the likelihood of irregularities being reported.


    • Increases company image of trust on the market, for customers, suppliers and other cooperative partners.
    • Increases trust in employees.
    • Provides good opportunities to manage issues at an early stage.
    • Reduces the risk of irregularities.


    Although whistleblowing is a tool used for for submitting details of irregularities, it is primarily a tool that promotes trust and sustainability, for which impartiality is crucial. Companies and organisations suffering from internal management issues are often met with both resistance and suspicion. In addition, management can be demanding in terms of time and finances. We offer a system facilitating total privacy, where a professional recipient effectively manages, filters and investigates the information submitted.


    2Secure stays with you throughout the whistleblowing process. Our aim is for you to be able to implement our system without problems. We help to create policies and instigate training and, once the system is implemented, we ensure that incoming issues are quickly and professionally filtered. 2Secure processes for investigating sensitive information are well tried and tested and are used worldwide.




    Our whistleblowing concept is provided as a total service, ready to use.  It encompasses implementation, operation and management of incoming issues.

    The service includes the following:

    • Safe customer-adapted web solution. Telephone, letter, email 24/7 (in multiple languages if required).
    • Classification and filtering of incoming applications.
    • Assessment of the issue, evaluation of the information.
    • Recommendations for further investigation.

    When further investigation is required, 2Secure will assist with qualified investigators, advice and support, collection of evidence and recommendations for future risk management.