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    Multinational companies have long been aware of their duty regarding the working life and well-being of employees. Most focus has been on the traditional working environment issues of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) risks. However risks linked with employee security and safety include more than this, with other examples being internal/external criminality, unstable socio-political situations and natural disasters.

    In addition, a company’s duty of care extends to employees and consultants on business trips, events and assignments based abroad. In general, these employees are at greater risk than employees working in a familiar environment.

    Correct preparations and equipment are required for travel to and from business in high-risk areas to reduce risk and create safety.

    Careful preparation is an important aspect of this work, and includes identifying both existing threats and flaws. It also entails providing adequate training and equipment to prevent accidents and, should an accident occur, being able to take appropriate measures.


    Healthcare and healthcare training

    We work with purpose designed healthcare training sessions, telemedical services, travel medicine and doctors specialized in medical care within aviation and diving. In addition to their medical qualifications, most of our doctors, nurses and consultants have worked in special military units. They have excellent skills and experience of medical security work in both Sweden and abroad. Their expertise has been gleaned from far and wide and they can communicate in most major languages. This provides us with the competence to make both preparations for general travel and specific preparations for travel to certain countries. Furthermore, we have the ability to deal with situations arising on location if needed.

    Security and preparations

    We can assess medical and security conditions for different locations and environments the world over.  Our preparatory work enables us to judge the advisability of travelling to a certain area, along with the preparations required and what equipment should be taken.

    Our services cover the entire chain, from preparing the traveller with training and equipment to security analyses of the location.




    2Travel: Keeping you safe on your travels, a Travel safety application from 2secure.

    2Travel is a personal safety and early travel warning solution that provides real-time status on warnings, alerts, and localized security information wherever you are including local SOS emergency numbers. 2Travel lets you alert your 2Secure or friends and family and give them a real-time trail of your movements when you are walking home in an unfamiliar environment.

    The technology in the 2Travel application automatically filters warnings and information such as dangerous environmental disasters, civil unrest, disease outbreaks and terrorist attacks to you based on where you are in the world or where you are going. This means relevant real-time warning information before anyone else, avoiding spam information.

    The app keeps you safe and avoid threats while staying in touch wherever you are. Share your position, get local alerts and warnings, stay connected to your employer or 2Secure and get automated local advice when arriving at a new destination.

    Medical equipment

    Medical equipment

    2Secure offers a number of ready-made kits with medical equipment, defibrillators and other essential items. We can also create a tailor-made equipment package for various needs.

    Our equipment packages include:

    • Emergency care containers
    • Vehicle containers
    • On-site pharmacy
    • Various travel pharmacies
    • Various defibrillator models

    Medical advice

    Medical advice

    Medical advice may be necessary for travel to certain risk areas. We offer various forms of advice and subscription services for a more safe and secure trip.

    Our medical advice services:

    • General Medical advice
    • Global Medical Advisor (GMA)
    • Telemedical subscription

    Training in travel safety

    Training in travel safety

    We offer a wide range of training sessions within travel safety, healthcare/medical and high-risk environments. The training can be conducted at 2Secure’s different facilities, including in Rosersberg, but also at other locations in Sweden or abroad.

    Our training sessions:

    • General travel safety
    • TRM – Travel Risk Management
    • HEAT – Hostile Environment Awareness Training
    • DRT – Deployment Ready Training
    • Certified healthcare training such as TCCC – Tactical Combat Casualty Care and NAEMT – LEFR TCC (National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians – Law Enforcement First Response Tactical Casualty Care).