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    2Secure was founded in 2006 to meet the increased need for personal security in Sweden. Since then we have developed different security solutions and established leading competence within Executive Security.

    We work preventively and preparatively by reducing risk and creating security. Our training and security measures support the customer in preventing crime. We are always available, any time of day, to avert any crisis.

    Security is a perishable item, and must be ingrained as part of people’s behaviour. Unfortunately, a dearth of security incidents frequently causes security alertness to relax, thereby increasing risks.

    We support all companies, organisations and private individuals with qualified incident support, advice and contact with such law enforcement authorities as the police service, the Swedish Prosecution Authority or the Swedish Economic Crime Authority.

    2Secure is a large Sweden presence in qualified investigations into such suspected irregularities as threats, fraud, theft, blackmail, bribery and corruption.

    Personal Security

    Personal Security

    Individuals and families

    Safety and security for your family is important, but this is often only first noticed once someone in the family or a close friend or associate is affected.

    The most reliable way to avoid trouble is to be aware of the security issues present in your environment.  A CEO for example, who represents a company in both good times and bad, should always establish preventative security measures for both themselves and their family.

    Victims of serious crime often need support. Among one of the worst things that can happen is to have someone ‘out to get you’ who refuses  ‘to let go.’ Threats and blackmail are becoming increasingly common, and methods used for this purpose constantly being refined. ‘Stalking’ is another example of a crime grown more noticeable recently, and does not only affect celebrities.

    In today’s society it is essential to know how to protect yourself in an IT environment. Criminals in this field are very active, always on the lookout for new fraudulent methods and how to use stolen identities to steal your money.

    Personal protection

    Personal protection

    Our qualified personal protection officers focus on creating a safe and secure daily life for our clients.

    2Secure staff have lengthy experience in personal protection and work flexibly whilst keeping a low profile.

    All staff have backgrounds from the appropriate police departments or equivalent, and experience in making threat and risk assessments. In addition, they are trained in advanced driving skills, conflict resolution, self-defence for third parties and fire protection.

    2Secure train and certify staff in accordance with NAEMT – LEFR TCC (National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians – Law Enforcement First Response Tactical Casualty Care).

    We work actively with prevention, using tried and tested methods for monitoring and assessment, and with all the support provided by 2Secure expertise.