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  • Screening AND Background checks

    2Secure have in-depth skills in research and analyses. To ensure correct decision data, we help companies, organisations and authorities to certify and verify such information as CVs, tenders, acquisition prospects, certificates, etc.

    Background checks are key to creating security and reducing risks. Many people assume these are used mostly for record extracts or quick CV checks, but although frequently linked with recruitment processes, back ground checks are equally important when choosing subcontractors, consultants, cooperation partners and implementing company acquisitions.

    For 2Secure, a background check is about providing information to assess the risks of recruitment or cooperation. No one assignment is the same, and recommendations can differ widely. A candidate may be wholly unsuitable for one job, but highly suitable for another.

    To assess risks prior to cooperation or recruitment, it is important to assess what kind of information needs to be collected or verified. And it is equally vital to be aware of the effects different types of information might have.

    In a consultation response to the Swedish government, the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) writes, “there is a risk of employers exhibiting blind faith in public records when recruiting employees. Public records only note crimes officially registered. A good deal of criminality escapes public record, particularly financial crime, a type of criminality difficult to detect, as it often occurs within a company or other legal framework. Merely checking public records can create a false sense of security, and cause people to ignore other important ways to assess a person’s suitability for employment.”


    The work of a recruiting agency when performing a background check is like the estate agent, who needs to find a buyer for a house and demonstrate the its benefits but not always its deficiencies.

    Consequently, before you buy a house it is often wise ask an independent surveyor to inspect it before you make a decision.

    We are like the independent surveyor – we can see the risks that exist, how serious they are and base our advice on our findings

    Just like the independent surveyor, we provide a second opinion based on the risk picture.


    Supplier and cooperation partners

    Supplier and cooperation partners

    Regardless of whether you are legally covered, you should be aware of who you are doing business with. It is not enough to simply perform a credit check.

    Behind all companies are physical people. It is increasingly common to utilise strategic partners instead of employing staff. These partners are often equated to a company employee. A background check of suppliers and cooperation partners are there to reduce the business risk. Are they the right managers you’re dealing with? What is the corruption risk like? Are there disqualifying factors? Have there recently been any changes in ownership? There are many questions and naturally the queries in and depth of any check depend on which risks are uncovered during a collaboration.

    Acquisition – Due Diligence

    Acquisition – Due Diligence

    It should not be forgotten that due diligence at acquisition should include the people in the company – how important are the key individuals?

    This is one of the questions we examine with you when we carry out the risk analyses.

    Just as in recruitment, background checks in conjunction with an acquisition are a type of risk management. As a supplier of background checks it is crucial we join your DD process at the right time. The first decision is made at the beginning of the DD process. We usually say that the acquiring company has two choices:

    • If target company management is key to the acquisition, i.e. the people running the company should remain in place, background checks should form the start of your DD. If we find ‘deal breakers’, this will save you other DD costs.

    If the management team are ‘replaceable’, background checks can be made in parallel with the more standard DD stages. This gives you a complete decision basis once the DD is completed.

    HR processes/security

    HR processes/security

    Are you in the early stages of reviewing your recruitment processes?

    Structured work with background checks includes everything from risk assessment, policies, order boundaries, deviation management, data and document management, etc.

    We have successfully helped many companies with these recruitment processes and policies to increase security during recruitment. We help during the entire process, from start to finish. Everything from creating and implementing policies to essentially comprehensive screening services.



    Are you recruiting for sensitive roles?

    In addition to the standard recruitment process, a check should be made of the information submitted by a candidate. With their CV as the focus, we verify and certify many details about an individual’s background and carry out a risk assessment.

    The size and scope of the investigation and checks should depend on which role is being recruited for and the risks linked to the job. In some cases, a simple CV check, in other cases, a check of the candidate and their partner for personal relationships, finance, sensitive matters, company history and their relationship network. The risk level and our experience will determine what is checked.