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  • Security solutions at bigger events

    Event Security is a service that can be provided during smaller as well as bigger events to reduce risk and create security. Our team has experience in both areas.

    Bigger events with a lot of media coverage like for example fashion week, book fairs, political events etc. demand a wide-ranging security solution entailing thorough planning and risk preventive work as well as current assessments during the event. Our event security team consists of experienced security consultants who are used to these kinds of events and cooperate closely with the police.

    A company that was going to participate at a similar event hired us to provide them with event security and personal security for their employees. The company wanted everything to work smoothly and for the employees to feel safe throughout the event.

    Initially, we gathered relevant information regarding potential threat scenarios in order to know which risks were connected to the event and how to prevent these. We planned for which activities we considered could use extra security and coordinated with the police also working at the event.

    During the event our team was present with the employees at all time and in charge of all coordination between different activities. Everything regarding the security of the event worked seamless and the employees could focus on their job and feel safe.