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  • Event security for band members

    When traveling in a large group to a foreign country it can be difficult to identify potential risks and to work preventive with the security for the trip. Perhaps one does not speak the current language or are aware of which places require more security. We provide our clients with tailored security solutions to reduce risk and create security.

    A client contacted us with a mission entailing that we for a few days’ time would be responsible for all security regarding an international band’s stay in Sweden. During the stay, they had a concert planned, different restaurants booked, nightclubs arranged and some sightseeing activities in mind.

    Before their arrival, we cautiously went through all the venues where the band would be, contacted and coordinated with other security personnel at the concert venue and established contacts with managers in restaurants and night clubs that were going to be visited. Further we arranged with all transports to and from the airport, between restaurants and night clubs etc. This to provide our clients with quality and security.

    During their stay, we followed our security routines but also made current assessments if something felt off or if a certain place was better to avoid.  Everything went smoothly and the band members felt safe and did not need to worry during their visit.