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  • Employee involved in irregularities

    An organisation is the employees it consists of, and therefore it is imperative that the employees share the company’s core values. This can be quite a challenge and occasionally bad recruitments happen and can later lead to problems within a company. A bad recruitment can have economic consequences as well as be a source of negative energy at the workplace.

    A client with prior experience of our security services, reached out to us when he/she suspected that an employee was cheating with the logging of his/her working hours. The hours did not add up and our client had a very bad feeling about the employee in question.

    We immediately started investigating this and already when we contacted the employee’s prior workplace, it was confirmed that he/she had been fired because of his/her involvement with irregularities. In our IT-forensics, we also found emails proving that the employee was using the current company’s services without declaring it to make money on the side.

    As a result of our investigation, the company could fire the employee on legal grounds. Further, we helped the client in pursuing the case all the way. After we handed over our investigation to the police it did not take long before they could open a pre-trial investigation.  The client felt relieved to be able to get rid of the employee before additional damage was done.