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  • Criminal activity exposed when performing a routine risk analysis

    At 2Secure we perform risk analysis for our clients to ensure that the security routines available at the working place are sufficient and modelled after the needs of the company. Further, we identify the potential risks and vulnerabilities connected to the company and present appropriate solutions to these.

    A client of ours wanted us to perform a full coverage risk analysis. There was no specific reason to why other than that the company wanted to make sure everything was working properly. For the coming days, we went through everything within the company.

    During our risk analysis, we discovered some irregularities when it came to the sales department. It was uncovered that some of the company products had been sold to criminals without the company knowing it. The criminals had used so called front men and therefore been granted credit. This was not only a huge risk for our client but also compromising for the credit company.

    Of course, it was in the company’s interest that this stopped immediately. As a result of our investigation, the district court could claim attachment on the illegally sold products. Further, the company now had legal grounds to fire the employees who had circumvented the regular routines regarding sales, enabling the criminals to buy the products.  We also helped the company create new routines in sales to prevent similar things from happening in the future.