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  • Breaking and entering leaving its mark on the victims

    Breaking and entering is unfortunately a common crime and can cause great anxiety for the victim. We help our clients, outside Sweden, to prevent this type of crimes but also offer our services when a situation has already occurred.

    A client contacted us, wanting help with arranging a full coverage security system in the family residence. The family had been subject to an armed break-in while being at home. The break in had been violent and one of the family members was assaulted. This event affected the family deeply and they no longer felt safe in their home with the current security situation. We instantly decided to take on the client and started working immediately.

    During a couple of days, we installed a new security system in the residence consisting of cameras, safe windows and an advanced alarm system. We went through the new system with the family and informed them on how everything worked. Additionally, we arranged some exercises with the family members so that they would know which actions to take if a similar situation were to happen again. The family was also given a personal contact person, always available if there were any questions or something worrying the family. With the new security solutions, the family could feel safe in their home again.