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  • Christmas and New Year’s Eve peak times for burglars

    The majority of house burglaries occur during the autumn and winter months. Over the Christmas holidays, many people leave their homes to celebrate elsewhere. To avoid a visit from burglars, there is a range of advice and measures that can be taken, such as ensuring the security of your home, working together with neighbours and, to a greater extent, contacting the police if you notice anything out of the ordinary that may be able to be linked to a break-in.
    Besides having good locks and an alarm for your home, it is also worth ensuring your house looks ‘lived in’, i.e. have your neighbours clear snow, park their car on your driveway, empty your letterbox, etc. It is also a good idea to not talk about your holiday plans on social media, like Facebook or Twitter, or mention that your house is empty. If you live in an apartment and have a doorphone linked to your phone, make sure you don’t have a message stating that you’re away.
    If you see something out of the ordinary, such as an unknown vehicle or person in the area, inform the police on the non-emergency number 11414.