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    We at 2Secure consider your integrity important. This means that the transparency of personal data processing is important in order for you to feel safe, and have confidence in us. 2Secure understands that your confidence depends on how we handle the data we collect about you, and on our ability to protect your integrity. This Privacy policy aims to describe in the clearest and most transparent way possible, how we collect and use personal data when you’re one of our customers. As a customer, you are currently informed of our personal data processing in our General Terms, when you enter into an agreement with us.

    Data Controller

    2Secure AB, org. no. 556695-7543 (“2Secure”, “we”, “our”, “us”) is the data controller for the personal data that are collected on our website and, in certain cases, in connection with your use of our services. 2Secure AB is part of a larger company group with multiple subsidiaries, and our registered offices are located in Stockholm. Depending on the service in question, we may transfer personal data between our subsidiaries, as well as to sub-processors, both inside and outside of the EU/EEA. This is never done without informing you, and we always ensure that our sub-processors adhere to the same security standards as we do when processing personal data.

    Personal Data Responsibility

    Being the data controller means that we decide which personal data are collected, and how they should be processed. We mainly do this for services in the field of background checks, and when you’re one of our customers in an individual capacity. In other cases, we act as data processor.

    Personal Data

    Personal data includes every piece of information which can be associated with a living physical person, either directly or indirectly. This means that many different types of information may constitute personal data. Examples of personal data include names, addresses, civic registration numbers or other identification numbers, phones, email addresses, location data and IP numbers.

    What Personal Data Do We Collect About You?

    When we at 2Secure act as the data controller, we are responsible for ensuring that your personal data are processed in accordance with Swedish legislation. For this reason, we only collect information from you directly, and you will also be informed of which data are collected as well as the purpose of the processing.

    When you visit our website, www.2secure.se, we collect personal data about you for various purposes. We do this through the use of cookies. To read more about what cookies we use, what type of cookies they are, and our reasons for using them, please read our cookie policy, which you can always find on our website

    Depending on which 2Secure services you use, we collect different types of personal data for different purposes, and based on different legal grounds. Information about this collection of personal data can be found in the General Terms which are provided in the form of an appendix to your main agreement with us. You can always get in touch with your contact person at 2Secure, or contact our personal data protection officer for questions about the collection of the personal data. Please find the contact information below.

    How Long Are Your Personal Data Stored?

    Depending on which 2Secure services you use, we store different personal data for different time frames. When you sign an agreement or consent form, or for purposes of balancing interests, 2Secure always processes personal data for a certain time frame. After the end of the Agreement period, 2Secure will save your personal data for three (3) months, and then erase them, unless the Agreement states otherwise, or you have agreed otherwise in writing. More Information about the time frames, and about our collection of personal data, can be found in the General Terms which are provided in the form of an appendix to your main agreement with us.

    Your Rights

    Current data protection legislation gives you enhanced rights and greater control over our processing of your personal data. 2Secure always considers you the owner of your personal data, and we see it as a priority to allow you to exercise your rights to the greatest extent possible.

    You have the right to:

    • Request information about the personal data processing
    • Request a registry extract
    • Request that personal data be corrected or supplemented
    • Request that personal data be erased
    • Request that the processing be restricted
    • Request transfer of personal data (data portability)
    • Object to the handling of personal data

    Complaints To The Regulator

    You always have the right to submit a complaint to the regulator regarding our processing of personal data.

    Changes To Our Privacy Policy

    This Privacy policy may be updated, and you can, of course, always find the latest version on our website.

    You May Contact Us:


    By post: By email: By calling our front desk:
    2Secure AB, dpo@2secure.se +46 8 65 65 000
    Box 34037, Or through your contact person at 2Secure  
    100 26 Stockholm,    


    When you contact us, we need to confirm your identity in order to ensure that nobody else is able to abuse your rights according to current data protection legislation. For this reason, 2Secure needs to take every reasonable measure in order to confirm your identity. This is why we may request that you prove your identity in an appropriate manner.