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    Working for a safer society


    2Secure work to reduce risk and create safety by providing turnkey security solutions for companies, private individuals and organisations.

    Our unique competence and close customer relations create a safer working day for companies and private individuals by means of developing and providing security and safety solutions.

    2Secure is now one of Sweden's largest private security companies. Our key words are Drive, Competence and Reliability, Constant development and collaboration with customers and authorities are a prerequisite for meeting market needs and tracking criminal movements.

    2Secure employees come primarily from the Swedish Police, the Swedish Security Service and from trade and IT security industries. All have many years of specialist experience behind them.

    2Secure was founded in 2006 with the aim of creating a high quality security company able to meet increasingly sophisticated crime in society.

    Our services are offered to private individuals, companies, authorities and organisations, and designed to create a safer society.

    The company was founded by eight people, all of whom are still active within the company. Six came from the National Swedish Police Task Force while two came from trade backgrounds; Lars Murman, formerly Group manager for Manpower and Claes Ekström, formerly CEO of McKinsey, Sweden.

    Today 2Secure provide a unique range of services in risk and security, covering the entire spectrum from training, systematic security work, risk assessment and background checks, to managing incidents, crises and major issues.

    Incidents differ and encompass crime against the individual, financial crime, bribery and corruption and IT-related crime.

    We provide support during major crises and incidents, handle ongoing efforts with systematic security work, assess security risks in existing processes, suggest protection measures and assist in the implementation of security improvements. 

    I addition, 2Secure provide security for private individuals and families. This includes analysis and assessment of the existing security situation, ongoing follow-up of the family's security situation, continuous training initiatives and immediate support in the event of security-related incidents.


    About 2Secure

    • Turnover approx. MSEK 100
    • 70 employees
    • Offices in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Gothenburg and Lund