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  • 2Travel – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Which operating systems are compatible with the 2Travel app?

    In order for the 2Travel app to function correctly, the app must be used on one of the following operating systems:

    • iOS 4.0 or later
    • Windows Phone 8.0 or later
    • BlackBerry OS 10.3 or later
    • Android 4.0 or later.


    How do I install the 2Travel app?

    You can download the app directly from your app store/app provider.


    How do I activate the 2Travel app?

    To activate the 2Travel app you need a subscription-ID. You get this subscription-ID from your organization/company or from 2travel@2secure.se. The app will then ask you to register your phone via text message and to enable the ‘Location Services’ for the app. For best service and functionality make sure to send the registration text message and enable the ‘Location Services’.


    How does the 2Travel app’s location reporting system work?

    2Travel’s unique location reporting system integrates two main data sources:

    • The device (smartphone) e.g. Global Positioning System (GPS)
    • Network information e.g. routing and roaming information, base station information (e.g. triangulation), Wi-Fi hotspot information

    We combine datasets and sources in order to maximize coverage. Competitors tend only to use phone geo-positioning. We are able to track the digital traffic through the network/telecom system to receive a more accurate result.

    The 2Travel system can provide a general position even though data network connectivity may be switched off or in-accessible. This means that 2Travel’s most critical services general positioning, urgent warning information (through SMS) and emergency button functionality works without activated data roaming. The system can also be integrated with travel booking data.


    How accurate is the 2Travel system’s reporting of my location?

    The accuracy of your location report, mostly depends on the GPS function on your device. Factors that might affect the accuracy of your location are tall buildings or weather conditions. However, the accuracy of your location is always within +/- 2000 meters.


    Can 2Secure map an app user’s travel pattern?  

    Administrators/2Secure’s Emergency Response Center (ERC) are only able to see app users’ most recent location in the Management Toolbox, due to privacy- and data protection measures.

    If an employee is in an emergency situation, and the location disappears from the 2Travel app, our client can make a request and the 2Travel team can extract information about previous locations. This function is only used in emergencies.


    IPhone 6 app users can adjust the location reporting interval to Occasional or Normal. What are the difference between these two adjustments?

    If you choose Normal location reporting, your location will be reported approximately every 30 to 40 minutes. If you choose Occasional location reporting your location will be reported less frequently. The location reporting interval is adjustable only on iPhone 6. Other phone models do not have adjustable location reporting intervals because the app uses less battery on those phones, which makes the function unrequired.

    Emergency location reporting is activated on all phones when an app user uses the SOS function. When this occurs, the user’s exact location is reported every minute for at least the next hour. This applies even if the user has exact positioning switched off.


    Why is the 2Travel system better than on-demand location systems?

    The 2Travel app is primarily used to provide care and protection to travelling employees. In case of emergency, e.g. earthquake, civil unrest, explosions, terrorist acts, the mobile network may go down and your device may be damaged. An on-demand system would often not be able to locate an employee in these situations. The 2Travel app always provide the latest known location for employees in emergency situations, to be able to provide an instant response.


    What is “Smart throttling of the GPS” (battery disclaimer)?

    Smart throttling dynamically adjusts the polling rate of an app user’s location depending on their speed of travel. That is, the app detects whether the phone is stationary or in transit. If the phone is stationed, it does not update the location as frequently. If the phone is in transit, it updates the location more frequently.


    How do I receive alerts and warnings when using the 2Travel app?

    The 2Travel app alerts you through push notifications or by text messages depending on the degree of urgency.

    2Secure always send out red alerts by SMS and as data notifications, to people in affected regions and countries. We also send orange and green alerts as SMS if we consider the information useful or if we have not sent information to that user recently. While we avoid sending too many messages to app users, our clients have found it useful to receive alerts via SMS even if they are not urgent. We can tailor the use of SMS alerts to the client’s preferences.

    For example, if an employee travelling in Thailand receives an SMS alert due to violent demonstrations in Bangkok, the employee’s security manager(s) will also receive an SMS alert. The alert received by the 2Secure’s ERC will contain the incident details, along with information about which travelers that are located in the area. ERC will receive an employee at risk alert. Employee at risk alerts can also be set based on the client’s request or needs.


    What do the Red, orange and green ratings of incident alerts represent?

    • Red alerts indicate an immediate or serious threat to the traveler’s security or health
    • Orange alerts is events or threats that could occur in a few days or have occurred recently
    • Green alerts is information that is useful for the traveler to know, such as transport disruption, small protests or updates to earlier incidents or warnings.


    How will an app user receive a text message alert if they do not have a network connection?

    The 2Travel app will continue trying to send SMS to the app user’s phone for several hours and sometimes days. Unsuccessful alerts will be registered in the system and the administrator will be informed.


    Is the 2Travel app available in different languages?

    The 2Travel app has an automatic translation function which allows the user to read the information in 90 different languages. We continuously evaluate the need for additional languages. The 2Travel app is prepared for languages other than the original English version, and we will implement other languages according to customer requirements.


    What should I, as a traveler, do if I receive a text message alert from the 2Travel app?

    If you receive a text message from the 2Travel app, you can reply via the 2Travel app. The most common question via a text message is to verify that you are in good health. We then need you to reply “YES” or “NO”. If you reply “NO”, we will contact you immediately for support.


    How does 2Travel protect the privacy of clients?  

    2Travel meets the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and adheres to the regulations covering information- and IT security. At the core of the 2Travel concept is the idea of protecting the app user’s (end user’s) privacy. The app user can, with an easy switch in the app. turn off all positioning services. The app user may also set positioning precision to country level instead of street level.


    What is an Employee at Risk Alert?

    The 2Travel’s Emergency Response Center (ERC) will be notified by SMS if an app user is in an area for which an incident alert has been issued. When a red alert SMS is sent out to an app user, the travelers designated point of contact receives an SMS. This may be changed to apply to the level 2 (amber) or even level 1 (green) SMS send-outs, if the client wishes.


    Can admins download the information contained in the Communications and Account Activity logs and get a read-out of their travel data?

    Admins can copy-paste the data from the logs. We can also provide the data on demand, with relatively short notice. We will send the data to the client in a data package and, for example, plot the data on a map.


    Can app users reply to SMS alerts?

    App users cannot reply to SMS issued by the system i.e. Incident alerts and ‘Welcome to…’ messages. They can reply to SMS sent by ERC from the portal.


    When app users respond to SMS sent by ERC via the portal, are the SMS recorded in the Communications Log?

    The Communications Log records outgoing SMS i.e. SMS sent by the system (incident alerts and welcome messages) and SMS sent by admins via the portal. The Communications Log does not record SMS sent by app users in response to SMS from ERC.


    The Communications Log records when SMS alerts are received by an app user’s phone (“Status” column) and when they are read by the app user (“Access” column). Why do messages only sometimes show as read on the Communications Log?

    SMS alerts and messages show as read only when the app user clicks on the link in the SMS (the link takes the user to the message details on the app). The message does not show as read when the user only reads the short SMS message and not the full message details accessed via the link.


    What if I want to know more about an incident alert?

    You can speak with one of our analysts, who will be able to provide further detail. The availability of this service will depend on your corporate account.


    How do you take care of my data? How long will it be stored?

    All data generated is stored in the Global Warning System´s (GWS) servers. Two years for business and 6 months for consumers. GWS has very strict access rules around information access and advanced level of IT security protection. GWS is required by law to provide a person with information on all data stored concerning that person and to delete any data related to an individual or organization upon request.


    How do you collect the information?

    A: We gather information from 196 countries and thousands of sources around the clock. This is mainly done through GWS ground-breaking information mining systems that handles and filters thousands of sources. The information is reviewed and evaluated 24/7/365 by GWS experts after which the relevant information is distributed to the users. GWS rate the sources on credibility and relevance continuously and their experts make the final assessment based on an advanced algorithm.


    What sources do you collect data from?

    Our sources are spread over a large number of areas:

    • News (International and Regional)
    • Seismological institutes
    • Meteorological agencies
    • Departments of Foreign Affairs
    • Other Government Agencies
    • Social Networks and forums (Crowdsourcing)
    • Aid organizations and other NGO’s
    • Meta Data Aggregation
    • Health and Disease Surveyors
    • Strategic Partners


    How do you guarantee that the information is correct?

    2Travel/GWS has a number of security experts who validate all the information and we use a number of alternative sources to validate the primary source. We rate the sources on credibility and relevance continuously and our experts make the final assessment based on an advanced algorithm that helps us to sift and evaluate. In addition, 2Travel (GWS) work closely with private security providers across the globe and have access to “on the ground information” from these partners for the analysis and reporting conducted.


    How quickly do you guarantee that the information will arrive?

    The speed depends on the nature of the message and how reliable the sources are – so it varies from case to case. 2Travel delivers rapid local information on natural disasters, terrorist attacks, civil unrest, epidemic outbreaks, traffic incidents and other threats faced by international travelers. 2Travel is dependent on mobile infrastructure, but we always use dual-channel (IP and SMS) for important messages. The principle 2Travel (GWS) operate by is that if it is critical information an initial message should be published and sent to clients in the affected region within 5-15 minutes from when a source initially reports on an incident. 2Travel (GWS) is able to do this due to the integrated information mining system and message publication system and a highly automated process. Sometimes robot publication (see separate section) is used and then the time between source input to message (SMS, data notification) publication and send-out is shorter.


    Can I add or invite new app users through the system?

    It is possible to do a batch invitation to new users through the Management Toolbox. The system can also be integrated with a HR database or travel bookings which can be used to invite travelers automatically.


    How do I know if a user received a sms?

    Via the Log functionality under the Security Overview app in the 2Travel Management Toolbox/ISO.


    How do I send sms and email through the 2Travel management toolbox/instant security overview to a user?

    This can be done in three separate ways. Either through Personnel on the Security Overview app on the Toolbox by searching and selecting user/group to receive SMS and/or email. Or by the second option, geo-fenced communication, which is done by clicking on the user or a group of users on the map and then continued with Message. The third option is to contact 2Secure ERC and request them to send it for you.


    How do I add or remove admins and app users?

    Through the Admin app at the bottom of the Toolbox or through 2Travel support.


    Is it possible for a user to switch sim card without reinstalling the app?

    Yes. Any switch of SIM card is automatically detected by the app. Then new SIM card data is automatically sent back to our server from the Android and Blackberry platforms, but on iOS and Windows Phone the user needs to approve sending an auto-generated SMS before updating our server.


    Is it possible for a user to temporarily turn off exact position?

    Yes. This is done by changing Location Accuracy in the Settings menu to Country in the app. To later re-activate it, switch Country to Exact Position