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  • Security for employee with unwanted attention

    A company using 2Secure’s services from time to time, contacted us to help with a current situation. Recently, one of the co-workers, had experienced a situation causing her/him to feel very much unease. For some time, the co-worker had received emails and phone calls from a person refusing to leave her/him alone. It all began when the co-worker was travelling for business purposes to inspect new operations in other parts of the country. During the business trip, meetings with municipality and other local business representatives were set up – everything to prepare for the new operations.

    After these meetings, one of the representatives started to contact the co-worker. Initially, the emails seemed quite formal and the representative expressed excitement for the new operations and praised the employee’s work. But, later the emails began to feel more and more courting so the co-worker was quick to reply that this was not of interest. Despite this, the emails continued and the representative also started calling the co-worker repeatedly. Again, the co-worker explained that this had to stop. The emails did not stop, instead they became more and more vulgar. The co-worker, whom had a lot of planned business trips back, was starting to feel very uncomfortable about going and told his/her employer about the situation.

    The employer, who had hired us earlier in other situations, did not hesitate to call. We were given access to the emails between the co-worker and the representative – this so that we could make an adequate risk assessment. The next step was to create a plan for all future communication with the representative. Our advice was to not answer at all and or if so with very few words and a formal tone. Additionally, we helped write an email from the co-worker explaining that 2Secure was now involved. The representative replied saying that he/she would not be bothering the co-worker anymore. Later, our follow up of the situation confirmed this.