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  • News photographer injured during a mission abroad

    To be a journalist or a photographer often entails taking huge security risks and in some cases even risk one’s life in order to tell the truth. At the well-established newspapers, there are often rigorously formulated security routines to protect the staff and to minimize the risks they face at all cost. It’s not rare that journalists and photographers report from regions in war where the status can change from one second to another. This can mean war or riots with open fire.

    When a photographer working for a newspaper was shot during a job in a warzone the primary focus was to localize and help the injured immediately. The security department of the magazine contacted us and within two hours we had a nurse on a plane to the location and a contact person, already in the country, at the hospital.

    Arriving at the location we made a medical assessment and could determine that the injuries from the wounds were not life threatening. With this information, we planned for how to transport the injured back to Sweden for further treatments accompanied by family and friends.

    Acute situations call for immediate action and at 2Secure we have a well-functioning Response Team with high competence always ready to help our clients.  At home, there are always people backing up the response team enabling them to do their job in the most effective way possible.