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  • Implementation of background checks

    It is of utmost importance that an employer knows who they are employing. Using background checks during the recruitment process allows unsuitable individuals to be sieved out, thereby avoiding various risks.

    Awareness of needing background checks usually only arises once the damage is already done. This is true for one of 2Secure’s customers, who now relies on us on a regular basis.

    A company in a phase of significant growth has employed around 50 people in recent years. Regardless of how good the company is at recruitment, it will sometimes go wrong. One of the recruitment attempts went really wrong… One individual recruited turned out to be very skilled at manipulating their surroundings. When the company was forced to go separate ways to the individual in question, it created a minor crisis for the remaining staff. The consequences were that several people quit and some were signed off on sick leave.

    After the incident, 2Secure helped the company management group to create a tailored solution for background checks and the company carried out these checks on all final candidates. Certain details were required for all candidates, and for management recruitment, a complete background check was carried out.

    Today, 2Secure carries out several checks per month for the company. Our checks include finding a candidate who claimed to have an academic qualification, but had not even finished their studies in their main subject. On another occasion, a candidate applying for a managerial position took themselves out the running once they found out a background check would be conducted.