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  • Employees in a crisis area receive help at location

    To create a safe working environment for employees is an area of focus for most companies today, but it is not always enough to cover all parts. For example, natural disasters are seldom prepared for. 2Secure Response Team consists of a group individuals who possess huge competence within their specialized areas and help companies and individuals to solve tough security challenges through immediate action and efficiency.

    A client of ours was faced with a challenge like this. The company works with providing communication solutions and one of their offices was in Nepal, a country which in 2015 was subject to a massive earthquake, resulting in devastating consequences and taking out all the communication lines. When information about the crisis reached headquarters in Sweden the company’s primary focus was to help their employees in Nepal and contacted us to lead the operations. We immediately said yes and in less than an hour we gathered staff for a meeting on how this would go about and reached out to our Response Team. Our task was to take care of the employees and their families but also to relieve the situation for them so that they would be able to continue with their job. Under the next few hours we gathered medicine, food, tents and all things needed for the journey. The same afternoon we boarded a plane to Nepal with a team consisting of our security consultants, a trauma doctor, a nurse and a humanitarian worker among others.

    When in place, we cared for the injured, built provisional homes and set up two clinics in barracks where one could receive medical care. Huge focus was on how to uphold basic hygiene routines and prevent contagious deceases from spreading. In the meantime, in Sweden a team was working constantly to ensure that the workers on location had the prerequisites to do the best job possible. In less than a week the employees at the company managed to restore all communication.