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  • CFO convicted of a crime

    It is essential to have the appropriate channels and routines to be able to discover irregularities within an organisation. But it is just as important for employees to be able to report irregularities in a safe and anonymous way. A whistleblowing tool may mean that irregularities are discovered early on and thereby allow the damaging impact to be limited.

    One of our current customers previously had no whistleblowing procedure in place. One Friday evening, the company CEO received an anonymous text message from a PAYG phone, saying: “Did you know that one of your management group is convicted of sex offences?”.

    The customer contacted us and we supported them in verifying the reliability of the text message, and implementing background checks on the management group. It proved that the CFO, who was also responsible for the company’s ethical standpoint, was convicted of procuring sexual services and was the subject of two ongoing investigations for the same.

    Our advice to the company was to openly talk about the issue, separate the individual from their job, and then provide them with support. We also recommended that the company introduce a whistleblowing procedure to increase the opportunity of reporting similar problems or irregularities.