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  • CEO with dodgy tenants

    When recruiting for corporate management positions, it is important to know that the individual is suitable. This also includes recognising the risks linked to each individual. What connections do they have, are there people in their circle who could be a risk, what other commitments do they have in their schedule? Background checks can help minimise these risks.
    An investment company intended to recruit a new CEO for one of its portfolio companies. The final candidate they arrived at was the CEO of a publicly listed subsidiary company.
    2Secure was tasked with carrying out a background check and the final candidate was informed that this would be done. The final candidate was around 45 years old, living with his wife of the same age and their two children in their early teens.
    The check we carried out on the candidate and his network did not highlight anything unusual. However, a check on his apartment – a single family home that he and his wife had owned for over 10 years – revealed that three other people were also registered at that address. There also proved to be links to an additional person. These people were all around the age of 25, and were not in any way linked to the family.
    We recommended the investment company to contact the final candidate and question him about these individuals. It was shown that the family rented out two rooms to two different couples. Based on this information, the checks were extended to also include rental guests. It showed that one of the tenants used drugs and was also involved in an ongoing investigation with regards to drugs links. Our recommendation to the company was to proceed with the candidate, but that he had to tell the tenants to leave.